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Since 1998, Wolf Creek Designs has been producing unique, hand crafted jewelry the old fashioned way - one piece at a time.  I like to combine objects in unusual ways.  For example, vintage lace with Swarovski crystal or modern bright colors with antique brooches.  For me, finding new ways to combine different media is what keeps me excited about jewelry.  I pull inspiration from the world around me, like the soft pink and green of the redbud trees in spring or the fiery oranges, reds and yellows of fall. 

Vintage jewelry has always appealed to me.  I remember as a child going through my grandmother's jewelry box and admiring her colorful brooches.  I haunt the local antique stores, estate sales, and flea markets looking for items to incorporate into my designs.  Recently I've been attracted to the Art Nouveau movement, especially to Alphonse Mucha.  You'll find hints of his work featured in my pieces, along with my other favorite artist, J.W. Waterhouse.  

I am always getting distracted by other art mediums, and look for ways to incorporate this into my work.  My latest obsession is acrylic pouring and I've had so much fun creating jewelry with my paintings.  That has spilled over into chalk painting and I'm also creating fun home decor items using chalk paint and beautiful, colorful transfers that take an ugly ducking piece of furniture and turns it into a one of a kind piece of art that you will enjoy having in your home.  

I hope that you enjoy wearing my creations and displaying my home decor.  Whenever I go out, I try to wear a piece of my jewelry and it never fails to draw a comment.